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Icon of bright sun representing the summer golfing season in the Adirondacks


While the Adirondacks are open year-round, golf is primarily played between “Mud Season” when the snow melt makes for lift, clean, and place conditions, to after “Leaf Peeping Season” when the Adirondack maple trees explode into vibrant colors and you may spend a little more time looking for your ball in the downed foliage.

Icon of the Olympic rings that symbolize the Adirondack region's Olympic heritage.


Pair a round of golf with Adirondack culture by visiting places with deep ties to American history including the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Underground Railroad and the 1980 Winter Olympics “Miracle on Ice” where Team USA defeated the Soviet Union in route to a Gold Medal.

Icon of an Adirondack golf trophy


A great way to play the Adirondack Golf Trail courses is during the many fundraiser tournament events hosted by each club often supporting a local cause. Golfing in the Adirondacks provides many ways to get involved. Check each course’s website or social media page for details.

An icon of a plate with knife and fork for Adirondack golf course meals.


Many of the golf courses within the Adirondacks have on-site meal and beverage facilities. Most Adirondack Trail golf courses have restaurants and bars nearby for your enjoyment. From light lunches to full course dinners come and experience the varied menus offered by our neighbor restaurants.

The Adirondack Golf Trail Pro Shop offers one-of-a-kind items for Adirondack golf lovers everywhere. All proceeds are invested back into the Adirondack Golf Trail’s mission to celebrate the rich history of golf in and around the Adirondack Park.


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ADK Golf Trail Starter Pack

ADK Golf Trail Starter Pack

Show your love for the Adirondack Golf Trail AND hit more fairways!

These 2¾ inch birchwood tees are cup stamped with the Adirondack Golf Trail logo and striped with Adirondack forest green and Blue Line(s). Includes 10 golf tees and 1 sticker.

$10 (includes shipping & tax)

“I Hike Fairways” Bundle

“I Hike Fairways” Bundle

Our flagship “I Hike Fairways” t-shirt with Adirondack Golf Trail logo on the back. Who needs mountains when you can hike fairways? Includes 1 t-shirt, 10 golf tees and 1 sticker. Please specify size when checking out (Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL).

$35 (includes shipping & tax)

“Forever Wild” Bundle

“Forever Wild” Bundle

Celebrate the Adirondack Park’s famous “Forever Wild” slogan with a subtle nod to your driver game… Adirondack Golf Trail logo on back. Includes 1 t-shirt, 10 golf tees and 1 sticker. Please specify size when checking out (Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL).

$35 (includes shipping & tax)

ADK Golf Trail Sticker Pack

ADK Golf Trail Sticker Pack

Show those other Adirondack Challenges who’s boss with these 3×3 vinyl die-cut stickers.

These stick on all sorts of surfaces like a golf bag, golf cart, water bottle, computer, cartop carrier, bumper, you name it! Includes 3 stickers.

$7 (includes shipping & tax)

Adirondack Golf Trail Medalist patch image

Adirondack Golf Trail Challenge Medalist Patch

Upon completion of the Adirondack Golf Trail Challenge, you qualify for the “Medalist” patch and other custom keepsake options from local Adirondack artisans or photographers to commemorate your achievement.

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The Adirondack Park was formally established in 1894 via Article 14 of the New York State Constitution and was designated “Forever Wild”, to be free from logging and industrial development. As a result, the Adirondack region became a protected refuge and attracted wealthy families from the New York City area during that period in the late 1800s known as the “Gilded Age”.

Golf course in the foreground with majestic Adirondack cloud topped mountains in the background

It was during this time that Great Camp Architecture was made popular by the wealthy tycoons of the time such as Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Alfred Vanderbilt. These Great Camps were resorts unto themselves. Wishing to provide their guests with a wide range of activities and amenities, some Great Camps adopted the new game of “golf” which recently arrived from Scotland.

As the sport of golf grew in popularity in the Adirondacks, so did the number of formal Adirondack golf courses. But, as vacation culture changed with the invention of the automobile, visitors began exploring other parts of the United States and many Adirondack golf courses were closed and were reclaimed by the forest.

Today, certain courses inside the Blue Line are facing a similar fate and it is the Adirondack Golf Trail’s goal to reverse this trend to preserve the deep history each course contributes to the fabric of the Adirondack Park and the surrounding communities. Adirondack golf courses offer youth the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and build confidence in a welcoming setting with other community members.